March 28, 2007

Define Yourself, Liberate Yourself

Few people realize just how much power is contained in the two simple words, "Know Thyself".

Life is complicated. There are many things to do, many people to meet, many things to fear and many things to be happy about. It can be overwhelming. And all people eventually reach a point where they ask the Big Question: "WHO AM I?"

The Most Important Question

So, take a moment to answer the question: Who are you?

How did you answer? You may have been tempted to define yourself by your career (salesman, electrician, manager, etc.). You might have defined yourself by your physical characteristics (tall, brown eyes, long hair, etc.). Perhaps you defined yourself by your personality (lover, giver, thinker, etc.). But in the end, it is a trick question.

The Ultimate Liberation

You see, any attempt you make to define who you are inherently limits you. In the end, the only proper response that fully captures who you are is "I am." This is the only answer that strips away all of the self-imposed limitations that all other responses create.

This realization is peculiarly liberating. By recognizing that we are not defined by our personality, our actions or our ideas, we finally have permission to simply be. Our self-worth is no longer tied to our actions or our appearance -- we derive our value simply by living. Things that are rare are the most valuable of all. And you are the only person like you that will ever live! That rarity certainly has value.