July 30, 2007

A Pirate's Life for Me

Hoist the sails and mind the cannons, that merchant brig looks ripe for a pillage!

Puzzle Pirates is a remarkable creation -- a perfect mix of puzzle games, role playing and socializing, combined to create the singlemost satisfying and re-playable gaming experience on the web.

The concept is simple: you're a pirate, trying to make yer mark in the ocean -- and you play puzzle games to do so. Many of the puzzles may remind you of your favorites on Yahoo, PopCap or MSN games, but Puzzle Pirates adds a new multiplayer twist. No pirate is an island, and your crew mates are counting on you to do your best!

Your Puzzling Skills Actually Matter

That's right -- on Puzzle Pirates, your puzzling skills directly impact the success of your crew. To get from one port to the next, you and your mates will play the sailing puzzle. The better you do, the faster the ship sails. Wanna pillage that other ship? You'll have to play the battle navigation game and use the cannon puzzle to boost your firepower. And if you get on the receiving end of a cannonade, better work on your carpentry and bilge-pumping puzzle skills!

Get Pirate Bling With Yer Pillaging Money

So, what does a pirate do with all those pieces of eight won from a successful raid? Why, buy some fancy clothing and furniture, of course! Or perhaps a ship of his (or her) own. The economy of Puzzle Pirates is intricate and well-built. Different commodities are produced by different islands and can be shipped back and forth. Those commodities can be bought by shops that create new goods out of them (using labor puzzles), and many of those goods can be combined to create even more goods. What's more, inflation is slowed by allowing items to wear out over time. After all, nothing good lasts forever.

Engaging The Pirate Community

Are you a competitive pirate? Puzzle Pirates has a rating system that lets you track your pirate's progess as you play the game. Over time, you will find that your skills in some puzzlesare far beyond those of your fellow pirates, while others may require more work. You can get trophies if you are incredible at puzzling or if you have proven invaluable in a naval battle.

But the community on Puzzle Pirates completes the puzzle. While a real pirate might be perfectly happy to send you to Davy Jones's locker and take yer treasure, the players on Puzzle Pirates are extremely friendly and helpful. In fact, much of the support for new players comes from experienced players who volunteer their time to assist new pirates. And to make the experience complete, you will find that yer most enthusiastic players all have a tendency to use piratey words like "blimey" and "ahoy".

If you enjoy puzzle games, you will surely enjoy being a pirate. Here's wishing you a long and successful pirating career...PLAY "PUZZLE PIRATES" NOW