August 1, 2007

Toastmasters -- Doorway to Success

Toastmasters, you think, that's public speaking, right? Well, yes. But that's like saying a computer is an electronic filing cabinet.

Building Skills For All Forms Of Communication

Toastmasters focuses on helping its members improve their communication skills overall. Learning to be a better public speaker is a part of that, but you become a better communicator along the way -- whether speaking to a stadium full of people, to your co-workers or to your children.

Real World Practice Without The Real World Dangers

If you are like most people, you want to be a better person tomorrow than you were today. Unfortunately, you can get some wicked bumps and bruises when you try out a new skill in the "real world". Toastmasters provides an encouraging environment where your fellow club members help you learn from your mistakes in a positive and encouraging way. That gives you the courage to persevere and before you know it, you've mastered the skill -- without suffering the negative effects of the real world's learning curve.

Learn Skills With Immediate, Practical Benefits Beyond Public Speaking

You learn how to develop effective speeches by working through a series of workbooks and projects. Advanced members, however, continue on to learn things far beyond the realm of public speaking. Public speaking may have limits in scope, but "communication" covers nearly every aspect of living. Want to learn negotiation skills? Toastmasters teaches that. Want to prevent discussions with your spouse from escalating into the next big argument? Toastmasters can help you build those skills. Want to share memorable and engaging stories that will be passed on from your children to your grandchildren? Toastmasters shows you how.

Big Changes Through Small Successes

Most importantly, by building on many small successes, you develop greater self confidence. Toastmasters encourages you to reach out of your "comfort zone", and by doing so you discover that there really is nothing you can't do. Your new self confidence opens your eyes to the vast world of opportunity that awaits you. And your improved communications skills give you tools you need to make it happen.

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